My Resolutions This Year

1. Weight Change (Goal= 210)

2. Smoking (After withdrawals from diet change)

3. Become Mentally Strong

4. Take More Trips to Get Away

5. Self-Care

6. Working Out (get gym pass)

7. Scrapbooking and finding other hobbies

8. Get Laid at least twice this year if not more

9. Writting and Blogging more

10. Finish what I start or do what I say am going to do.

11. Take my dog out more

12. Spend more time and reunite with good friends.

13. Reverse all the damage Lyme has done too me.

14. More alternative treatments.

15. Remission from Lyme

16. Don’t allow any negativity or toxic people in my life. Get rid of those who do.

17. Have More FUN!! Surround myself with people I’m comfortable with.

18. Admit my faults

19. Work on my job.

20. Read more that’s challenging

21. Take a History class


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