Why I Write And Do Blogs

I don’t know why I blog when No one has my blog account addresses. I think I do them because:

1. Reminders

2. Lonely

3. Like to speak my mind, tell my darkest secrets without judgement

4. I enjoy writing

5. It’s private (except for my best friend who I don’t keep ANY secrets from and also doesn’t care what I write or could write sucked a horses dick and he wouldn’t love me any less)

6. To look back at my progress (diet and working out)

7. To talk about my favorite thing to talk about: SEX

8. To clear my mind.

9. When have no one to talk too because Dont trust anyone or want anyone knowing my personal/private life blogging is fun for me.

10. There easy and always available (example doctors appt: can just have him log on to address and see my improvements etc)


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